Beauty – Learning to Live (Devil’s Blaze MC Duet Book 2)

SKU: 9781624614651

Author: Jordan Marie

Narrator: Maxine Mitchell

Genre: Romance

Format: MP3 Download

Type: Unabridged

Duration: 6 hrs 53 min



This isn’t your everyday Beauty and the Beast story.
Our love story was tragic, until it wasn’t….

Once upon a time I fell in love with a beast.

I fell fast.

I fell hard.

I loved him intensely and I trusted him completely – until he ripped my heart to shreds.

Love isn’t a fairy tale.

It’s messy.

It’s dirty.

It’s painful, and it’s ugly.

Until it’s not….

This is Book 2 and the Final Book of the Beast & Beauty Devil’s Blaze Duet. Book 1 Beast must be read first.