Craved – A Devil’s Blaze MC Novella


Author: Dana Marie Bell

Genre: Romance

Format: MP3 Download

Type: Unabridged

Duration: 3 hrs 7 min



He’s hot, sexy and oh so wicked. He’s everything I’ve been taught to avoid. He makes me wicked too…and I like it. Annie 
Some men defy description. 
 I deal with books. I know every adjective in the English language and I can’t describe Sabre. 
He’s a biker with a filthy mouth, a dirty mind and he sets me on fire. 
I’ve lived in the shadows my whole life, afraid to see what is beyond my own little corner of the world. 
 Sabre makes me step outside my safe zone. 
 He makes me crave…more.

 Sabre Annie is everything I shouldn’t want. 
 From that uptight dress to the hair she wears in a damn bun, down to those black rimmed glasses. We don’t fit. A librarian and a biker, and if that’s not cliché enough, she has cats!
 I should run. 
I’m not going to. One taste and I only want more. 
 There’s a tiger hiding behind that uptight prudish disguise she insists on wearing– and once I get my teeth into her…
I’m never letting go. This is a quick, hot, steamy and short NOVELLA length book of 30k words. It’s meant to steam up your windows and curl your toes. It’s a menage romance, previously released in an anthology and once offered in the back of Burned Devil’s Blaze MC Book 2. There’s no new content whatsoever. If you’ve read it, you’ve read it. But, if you haven’t Sabre demanded I give you easy access to find it. He’s nice like that