Faking It with the Hybrid

SKU: 9798890930019

Author: Evangeline Anderson

Narrator: Aela Aryon, Gregory Salinas

Running time: 8 hours 2 minutes



Mattie is exasperated by her surly Protector who won’t say two words to her. Grath keeps his guard up around the curvy little female because he wants her but knows he can’t have her. Add a trip to Mattie’s hometown for the holidays where they have to fake-date to fool her family and you’ve got a volatile mixture. Will they survive when Mattie agrees to try…Faking it with the Hybrid?

Dr. Mattie Porter has landed her dream job as a Xeno-Cultural Anthropologist with the Kindred, but she has one very big problem—a seven-foot-tall, grumpy, growly warrior named Grath. The huge Hybrid has been assigned to her as her Protector—a kind of bodyguard to keep her safe on alien planets. But he’s a surly bastard who won’t even talk to Mattie if he can help it!

Grath is a Triple-Hybrid, a male with Beast, Blood, and Flame Kindred strains in his DNA. This makes him a formidable warrior, but also ensures he won’t be able to bond with a female, which leaves him with a problem—he’s desperately attracted to the tiny, curvy Earth female he’s been assigned to Protect. But he knows he has to keep her at arm’s length to avoid pain and heartache.

It seems Grath and Mattie will never get along…but then Mattie needs a date for the Holidays. So now they’re going to her hometown to try and fool her family into thinking they’re engaged. But fake-dating during the Holidays isn’t without its pitfalls and neither of them knows that even in the quiet little town of Christmasville, danger is stalking Mattie.

Can Grath keep Mattie safe? Will they win the Christmas Cookie Bake-off? And will both of them lose their hearts when they finally let their guards down? To find out you’ll have to read this Grump and Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Dating, hot Alien Warrior romance…Faking it with the Hybrid!