Inheritance – A Dark Romance (Fragile Ties, Book Two)

SKU: 9781624616303

Author: Jennifer Bene

Format: MP3 Download

Type: Unabridged

Duration: 7 hrs 29 min



“What is it about us, angel? Is it that I make it hurt? Or is it that I make you like it?”

Love isn’t easy for a man raised on hate. Plain and simple. When David took Lianna Mercier to destroy her, he didn’t know that he’d fall for her. A mistake he’d happily make again… because now she’s his entire world.

But he’s not the only monster at her door.

She’s still heir to a family name steeped in blood and violence, a criminal family that she’s too innocent to face alone, and they’re coming for her. He’ll die before he lets her go, because losing her will only end one way – with him eating a bullet.

The only problem is… can he even ask her to choose him after all he’s done?