Last Broken Rose – Rose and Thorn, Book Three

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Author: Fawn Bailey

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Type: Unabridged

Duration: 5 hrs 37 min

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The Rose and Thorn trilogy concludes with Last Broken Rose.

What Thorn wants will change my life forever.
I’ve always been a dancer. A ballerina. I live for the sound of music, for dancing under the bright lights on a stage.
But Thorn wants to take it all away.
He wants me to dance just for him. Nobody else. 
That means my dreams of being a prima ballerina will be truly over, and I don’t know if I’m ready.
Can I give it all up for him, the man of my dreams?
Is our love enough to make up for giving up on my dreams?
And more importantly… if I say no, will Thorn force me to stop anyway?

Last Broken Rose is the third and final book in the Rose and Thorn trilogy. The whole series is available now.