Maker – The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Four

SKU: 9781624617249

Author: Frankie Love

Narrator: Jameson Adams, Kelsey Navarro

Running time: 3 hours 39 minutes



I’m not the kind of man an innocent girl should fall for.
But Marley River says she knows what she wants. And she wants me.
She says she can handle a mountain man, after all, this freckled face slice of sunshine grew up in Alaska.
But I’m more than a feral mountain man.
I’m an ex-drug lord, reformed con-man, an exonerated criminal.
Her brothers are the River Boys and they want me off Whiskey Mountain.
I want to turn a new leaf, but not if it means giving up what I want.
I love Marley more than life itself. But is that enough when the world is dead set against it?
It’s high time we find out. 
Because I’m not going down without a fight. I’ll be here, on Whiskey Mountain, defending what — and who— is mine. With guns blazing.