Pure White Rose – Rose and Thorn, Book 2

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Author: Fawn Bailey

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Type: Unabridged

Duration: 5 hrs 38 min

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The Rose and Thorn trilogy continues in Pure White Rose…

I’m no longer Harlow Granger, aspiring ballerina.
Now, I am Thorn’s Rose. His newest conquest. His toy. 
I’ve fallen for the man who has stolen my life from me, and I hate myself for it. But how am I supposed to fight these feelings?
Thorn is dominant yet caring, controlling yet kind. I’m falling in love despite my best efforts. But I can’t let this happen. I can’t become the toy of a powerful man. I have hopes, dreams. And I’m going to pursue them.
Even if it means running from Thorn.
Even if it means he’ll have to drag me back to the Mansion by my hair.
I’m going to escape. I’m going to run away.
And I’m not going to wish he came after me.
Not even a little bit.
Not at all…

Pure White Rose is the second book of the Rose and Thorn trilogy, and should be read following Blood Red Rose. Rose and Thorn’s story concludes in Last Broken Rose, available now.