Rough Around the Edges – Coming Home to the Mountain, Book Seven

SKU: 9781624619939

Author: Frankie Love

Narrator: Gavin McAllister

Running time: 2 hours 3 minutes



Fig Finds Love!

Coming back after my fashion internship was supposed to be a short-term stop … but my heart is telling me I belong right here at Home, WA.
When my brother’s oldest friend Hank shows up at family dinner, I am reminded how smitten I have always been of this rough and tumble man.
He’s returned to his roots, too, and he is looking to settle down for good.
My dreams have changed, and I am terrified of letting my family down – but I am even more scared of letting myself down.
We have one wild and precious life … and right now, I am determined not to waste it.

-virgin romance
-love that lasts a lifetime
-hero with values
-brother’s best-friend