Seeking Redemption – Black Shamrocks MC Book 3

SKU: 9781624614866

Author: Kylie Hillman

Narrator: Jake Hudson, Liv Rose

Genre: Romance

Format: MP3 Download

Type: Unabridged

Duration: 7 hrs 19 min



Rock bottom… Some would say Benjamin O’Brien has finally reached it. When you’ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you’d assume you couldn’t fall any further. Lacey Marquis is done. Broken. Shattered. Ruined. Deserted by the man she thought was the love of her life, she’s reached her breaking point. It takes a lot to make the Black Shamrocks MC abandon their family, yet Benji has almost managed it. When the Club discovers Lacey’s involvement in his deception, they’re both given one final chance. Make amends or die. It’s that simple. When two scarred souls find each other in the midst of chaos, is it possible for them to be the strength the other needs? Or will their individual demons prevent the other from SEEKING REDEMPTION? DISCLAIMER: This book contains depictions of graphic situations and is not suitable for all readers.