The Baron’s Bride – Alien Mate Index, Book 6

SKU: 9781624619533

Author: Evangeline Anderson

Narrator: Hazel Burns, William Martin

Running time: 10 hours 31 minutes



I never wanted to sell my blood for money. But that’s what I end up doing after an alien merchant abducts me and dumps me on O’nagga Nine. When I run into Baron Vik’tor and he takes a liking to me, it seems like my luck has turned. But the Baron is a powerful man and there are people in his life that want me dead. Will I survive being The Baron’s Bride?

Natalie Hale hates her life. You would too if an alien merchant abducted you and then dumped you on a distant planet where it’s so cold even the buildings and infrastructure are made of ice. To survive, Natalie has to sell her blood, which is the only commodity she has. Because the inhabitants of O’nagga Nine, where she’s living, need blood to survive, she manages to make a meager living. But she’s barely scraping by until she literally runs into the Baron.

Baron Vik’tor is the richest, most influential man on the planet. He’s also a half-breed—a Naggian/Braxian mix which means he has curling horns, blue tattoos, and a wicked temper whenever he thinks the woman he cares for is threatened. And it just so happens, he cares for Natalie.

But Natalie’s personal Pretty Woman scenario can’t last long. The Baron is a powerful man and there are people in his life that don’t like her having influence on him. Some will even stop at nothing to kill her. Can Natalie survive being The Baron’s Bride? You’ll have to read to find out.

Author’s Note–This is book 6 in the Alien Mate Index series but it can be read as a stand alone book, though you might enjoy it more if you read books 1-5 first.