Untamed Virgins – Mountain Men of Bear Valley, Book One

SKU: 9781624616143

Author: Frankie Love

Narrator: Reagan West, Teddy Hamilton

Running time: 3 hrs 25 min



Bear Valley: Where rugged men find more than a safe haven — they find their mates. 

The moment I see Adelaide Spencer, I know she’s my mate. 
Neither of us have given ourselves to another — because we were both waiting for a moment like this. Her and me, under the stars, the night spread out in front of us, full of hope and a thousand tomorrows. 
But our pasts have collided in ways she doesn’t know, and when she finds out, she’ll never forgive me. Not for the mountain man I am, or for the bear I’ve been. 
But damn, I need her. Want her. Crave her. 
When our valley is threatened by outside forces, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. 
To prove that I am more than the sum of my past mistakes — that I can be her future. 

The rugged mountain men of Bear Valley are ready to defend their untamed love.