Unwrapped – Brides of the Kindred, Book 31

SKU: 9798890930453

Author: Evangeline Anderson

Narrator: Marcella Black, Oliver Clarke, Vincent Skye

Running time: 11 hours 48 minutes



Celia’s supposed to get married to her rich, important fiancé on Christmas Eve…that is until two huge Kindred warriors come knocking on her door to Claim her as their own. Will Hold and Fierce be the best present she’s ever Unwrapped?

Celia Alvarez is engaged to one of the wealthiest men in the country—so why is she slaving away in the kitchen, making Thanksgiving Dinner for his entire family all by herself? Her future in-laws seem to think she’s either the cook or the maid and none of them has offered to lift a finger to help. Just as Celia is wishing for a change, Fate provides one. The doorbell rings and two huge Kindred warriors are standing there, claiming the she is their mate.

Certain that there must be some mistake, Celia agrees to go with Holds Tightly and Fights Fiercely to the Mother Ship until the situation can be cleared up. She likes Hold at once, but she and Fierce are instant enemies. How could she possibly be with these guys for life? She’s certain a relationship between the three of them is impossible and promises herself to keep her distance and to not cheat on her fiancé, Peter.

However, when the three of them are sent on a mission to collect a special glowing moss to decorate the Mother Ship for the Holidays, everything changes. A destabilized wormhole damages their ship and dumps them out into a galaxy light years from home. In order to get the ship fixed, they have to agree to join a sex cult and shortly after that, Celia’s plans to keep herself off the Naughty List this Holiday Season go right out the window.

Can Celia, Hold, and Fierce escape the cult and get home in time for the Holidays? Will Celia’s wedding go ahead as scheduled…or will the time she spent with the two huge Kindred warriors change her life forever? You’ll have to read this Enemies-to-Lovers, Touch her and Die, Only one Bed, MFM, Hot Holiday romp to find out.
After all, Hold and Fierce just might turn out to be the best Christmas gift Celia has ever…Unwrapped.