Val-entwined Cowboys – A MFM Cowboy Menage Romance (Menage a Cowboy, Book Four)

SKU: 9781624617881

Author: Jenny Klaire

Format: MP3 Download

Type: Unabridged

Duration: 7 hours 10 minutes



Is she the one that got away? Or their dirty little secret? When her loyalties were tested, Val refused to tear two brothers apart. Instead, she ran from both hot cowboys one fateful night, ripping her own heart out to save theirs. She returns years later, a child in tow and a dead husband in her wake, just to find her loyalties torn once again. With Curt asking questions about who really fathered her child, and Gabe out to make sure she doesn’t get away from him again, Val must decide if she dares to tell them all the truth. If she risks everything and admits that her heart’s greatest desire lies between them, will they entwine their lives more deeply with hers? Or will they forsake her, leaving her with only her fantasies to warm her bed at night?