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Insatiable Press is looking for new authors and new works. Whether you’ve published before or you’re looking to debut, Insatiable offers a unique publishing program. With our focus on the digital platforms of ebook and audiobook, we offer the formats that maximize exposure in today’s electronic, gadget-filled world.

We currently publish in the areas of erotica, erotic romance, and non-fiction sexuality. While we are a no-advance digital publisher, we offer competitive royalties and the support of a publishing company. Our team has many decades of experience in editorial, sales, marketing, and finance.

Currently, we are open to submissions! Feel free to send your query, but here are some parameters and areas of particular interest:

  1. We are especially interested in novellas and short novels (40,000 – 50,000 words).
  2. We will from time to time have submission calls for specific anthologies, so look out for calls from us on particular themes, but for the most part, we are not looking for individual stand-alone short stories at this time.
  3. We love authors who are interested in writing a series.
  4. For non-fiction, we strongly favor authors with professional credentials associated with the work they are writing.
  5. Here are some no-no’s. No underage. No non-consensual. No after-the-fact consent. No bestiality (special parameters for shape-shifter and paranormal, but inquire if you have questions about that).

Send query to editorial@insatiablepress.com. Do not send full manuscript. Please submit a one-page description of you and your project, including biographical information, writing background, previously published works, and full details on your story. Feel free to submit questions on how we work.

Isn’t it time you were a published author?

Call for Submissions

Title: ENTER THE MANCAVE Erotica Anthology
Publisher & URL: Insatiable Press / www.insatiablepress.com
Deadline: September 1, 2016
Payment & Rights: $25; Comp Copy

Insatiable Press is seeking original, never-before-published or posted short stories for an upcoming erotica, ebook-original anthology. The theme of the collection is a woman invading a man (or men)’s space. We are looking for a collection of various experiences, and your main character is a heterosexual woman going into a place usually reserved for men. The notion of the slang term ‘mancave’ is that room in the house that is a man’s comfort area, his sports watching den, his poker playing room, maybe just simply the garage. But we want you to expand the idea of the ‘mancave’ to mean any space that men preserve for themselves. Think of the old traditional ‘no women allowed’ club mentality of a Friday night poker game or the finished basement where he watches football with ‘his boys’ and is ‘not to be disturbed.’ Or perhaps a glass ceiling shattering female executive finds herself the first-ever woman in the boardroom or at the executive retreat.

Many home renovation shows on television present how to transform a basement or garage into a man’s awesome private zone. You’ll see big screen televisions and recliners in a sports den. A gaming table or in-home bar installed to convert a basement into a room for his buddies to come over and play poker. A tricked out garage with all sorts of storage and tool bins. It’s given rise to the notion of the ‘mancave.’ But a lot of other types of locales can be considered, too. And don’t forget the most important launch question: why is she entering the space?

Brainstorming/Writing Prompts:
We certainly want the most original idea you can come up with. If you don’t need inspiration, don’t read this section. But if you want to understand a little more of where we’re coming from, here are some thoughts that went through our heads when we came up with this theme.

The notion of trespass leads to a theme of punishment for the infraction. But there is definitely room for some femdom as well. Menage comes to mind as well as intriguing props from around whatever room you set your story in. Did she enter the space in order to incite a sexual experience? Did she not realize she wasn’t allowed to enter, or is she making a statement?

Expand the idea of the ‘mancave.’ A men’s public restroom, a private golf or country club, the men’s spa at a resort, the men’s dressing room in a theater or department store, even a gay bar or a rough biker bar could be considered a ‘mancave.’ Here are some writing prompts to get you started. While we don’t want to steer you, if you’d like to use one of these, feel free:

A husband is in the middle of a heated poker game with three or four buddies when his wife comes in with a plate of sandwiches. His buddies just raised him, and he has no chips left to call the bet. She offers herself up as part of the bet. And her husband loses the hand.

A very bossy customer arrives at the mechanic’s shop to find her car isn’t ready. Irate, she barges out of the office area into the bay yelling, only to be met with, “Lady, you can’t be back here.” She refuses to leave, but three mechanics know exactly how to deal with the situation.

A woman executive stays late at work. When she finds the ladies room out of order, she decides to use the men’s room. When she walks in on a mail room clerk at a urinal, he’s not too happy about the invasion of privacy. The office’s zero tolerance policy on harassment could mean trouble for her, but he has a suggestion how he can be convinced not to report it to HR.
A husband is watching sports in the den with his buddy. It’s a really important game. He was supposed to finish a huge to-do list of household chores. He hasn’t done any of them, and she is really mad about it. He needs to be punished.

This is a fiction anthology. We are not looking for confessions or memoir. Of course your story could be inspired by real life situations. While we are looking for quality above all else, please keep your story to less than 5,000 words so we can include as many great pieces as possible. Absolutely no under-age, non-consensual, rape, torture, bestiality, incest, watersports, etc (email with questions). Consensual nature of action must be obvious. We are looking for contemporary stories set in the real world, but quality is the primary consideration. This is not specifically a BDSM anthology, but we will consider stories in those areas. While we’re not particularly looking for paranormal, science fiction/fantasy, or historical, we won’t automatically dismiss it. Your work does not necessarily have to be in the first-person. All accepted writers will receive full credit with short author bio included in the work, a complimentary copy of the ebook, and a payment of $25. Please submit your story to editorial@insatiablepress.com by September 1, 2016. Include your name, pen name, and contact information.