Big, Bad Wolf – Cougarville, Book Four

SKU: 9798890930293

Author: Evangeline Anderson

Narrator: Scott Rose

Running time: 8 hours 11 minutes



Fifteen years ago, Jase was Nikki’s student

He and his Wolf have always wanted her.

Now Nikki is rejuvenated and looks 20 years younger.

She’s finally available…but she’s also in danger.

Can Jase save his Fated Mate from the evil that stalks her?

Read Big, Bad Wolf to find out…

As a senior in high school, Jase Saunders was a bad boy–the kind of kid who’s headed straight to prison by way of suspension. There was only one teacher who understood him–only one who cared enough to help him turn his life around. That teacher was Nikki Robinson and not only was she caring and kind, she was beautiful. She was also the only woman Jase ever wanted to claim as his mate–too bad she was married and fifteen years his senior.Fast forward fifteen years and Nikki has lost her husband and moved into middle age. She sees nothing but sorrow ahead of her…and then her life is changed completely. When the mysterious Mr. X breaks into her house and injects her with a compound that activates her latent Shifter Gene, she finds herself suddenly thrust into Regeneration. Managing to escape her attacker, she rushes onto the street…and straight into Jase’s muscular arms.Now Nikki must deal with the fact that she looks and feels twenty years younger and she’s being protected by her old student. She tries to tell herself that Jase is just being nice but she doesn’t realize that the Wolf Shifter has never forgotten her kindness to him…or the fire he felt for her. Can she stay away from the nefarious Mr. X, who wants her blood for an evil ritual? And will she let herself fall for the troubled boy who is now a man?You’ll have to read Big, Bad Wolf to find out…