Claimed by the Cowboys – A MFM Cowboy Romance (Menage a Cowboy #2)

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Author: Jenny Klaire

Format: MP3 Download

Type: Unabridged

Duration: 5 hours 39 minutes

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“They could park their boots under my bed any time!” -Kindle Customer

Rose’s plans for a normal, perfect life ended up anything but. Years after her husband’s passing, Rose takes a job at a dude ranch, purely because of the revolving door of wanna-be cowboys that she knows are looking for the full cowboy experience, including a warm, willing, no-strings-attached woman warming their bunk at night. Only Rose didn’t expect that it would be the ranch’s owners who would claim her attentions instead. Hot brothers Cade and Kevin, together, keep Rose way busier than any dude ranch guests ever could. The billionaire cowboys each run one part of the ranch’s operation. Kevin runs the working ranch, taking care of the cattle and such, while Cade controls the dude ranch portion, but Rose soon discovers a third income stream the two rich cowboys hadn’t revealed in the hot interview process… “Three isn’t a crowd with us, its the third leg to the tripod that we need to stand tall and steady. It’s the third wheel on the tricycle I want our kids to grow up with.” -Cade